Longish Rant from former lurker spouse

Wow, I think I just threw my DH out of the apartment. Now, I'm not quite sure what to do.

He probably thinks I threw I threw him out for forgetting to look at the calendar, or forgetting a date that's important to me AGAIN, but that not really the reason.

Here's the thing, there are 8 days a year that are important to me, That I'd love him to remember, That I don't even have to write on the Calendar because they are already ON the calendar !

But I don't expect him to remember. I KNOW he has ADHD. After 8 Years of marriage, and tears, and finally reaching the end of my rope, I threatened to Divorce him if if didn't got to a doctor and get a shrink within 6 months. The results...


Honestly. The night before the deadline I broke down down into tears, and reminded him, and he told me he Forgot.

Then he told me he didn't want a divorce because he LOVES me. Why the hell would I believe that ?!?

He went to a doctor who said he was depressed and might have ADHD. Since then he has been on Welbutrin, which seems to only be making things worse. The Doctor doesn't seem interested in any input from me. And he has YET to see any counselor, for his behaviors.

I was in Healthcare for several years, with a specialty in Combative/abusive/aggressive/Dementia Patients. One might think I could handle Depression and ADHD.

Apparently I can't.

If there is a day your wife cries over your forgetting every year...and you love her.. put it on a post it note ! ! Put it in your cellphone ! Put it on ONE of your two tablets that you use to remind yourself of stuff !

But for Gods sake DO SOMETHING !

DH didn't.

So I told him that maybe he oughtta take his bag and go visit the guy who sometimes walks our dog.

Go me ?


Add: I think what I ws trying to say is that sometimes it's not the ADHD behavior that  makes spouses crazy, but the lack of action or effort to change the results.