"Looking angry vs Being angry"

I'm throwing out a question here about anger. My ADHD husband is getting better about his anger issues, but he still takes serious offense because many people think he "looks angry".  People find him hard to approach because his facial expression and body posture make him look like he is mad and angry about something. He's complained about this before, and YELLS (which doesn't help) "I'm NOT ANGRY"..."I'm just thinking about lots of things",  and I've told him that I've had the same reaction with not talking to him at certain times because he indeed SEEMS very angry.

    Does anyone else have anything similar to this?........ facial expression, body posture, attitude, etc. give off an impression that others take the wrong way? He also is on the run most of the time, (hyperactivity) which creates an aura of "I"m too busy to talk to you right now" type of atmosphere. Does anyone else experience this as well? Has anyone found anything that helps or that can tell the ADHD person that it's NOT the family trying to CONTROL them, it's how the world ACTUALLY SEES THEM.