Looking for Humor

I am interested in hearing from everyone.  What are your "funniest" or most amusing moments in your ADHD marriage?  Someone on this forum described an incident in which her husband got sidetracked grilling corn in his old clothes at their son's wedding and I laughed until I cried.  It felt SO GOOD to read this because it is the story of my life in a nutshell and so ridiculous that it is difficult to even comprehend.  But, it happens, and we cope and eventually it becomes more funny than mortifying.  So, here goes with mine:  it isn't funny like "ha, ha, ha" but funny because it is just so typical of my ADHD life as we try to blend into our suburban neighborhood and not reveal ourselves to be the lunatics we are.  Not successfully, as evidenced by the day my neighbor, a very nice husband and stepfather, knocked on my door and asked me if he I wanted him to mow my yard.  My DH is not really into lawn care (I am actually convinced he does not even really "see" the lawn when he goes in and out of the house.  Is is just there--like electricity or the wind).  Anyway, it had gotten a little wild, but God knows it has been worse at other places we have lived, so I was STARTING to fret about it, but my " wife radar" was nowhere near "FREAKING OUT--MOW THE DAMN LAWN NOW!!!" mode.  Apparently, I have lived in this chaos too long, because my "starting to fret" was already bad enough that my neighbor was disturbed enough to offer to mow  my lawn for free!!!  OMG!  I thought I would die on the spot trying to be nice and thankful and apologetic and maintain my dignity and composure at the same time.  How on earth do you explain why your spouse just does not mow the lawn in a neighborhood that prides itself on curb appeal?  I wonder what he would have thought if I would have told the truth, which is "My husband doesn't even really see the lawn.  He hasn't noticed yet that it is bad, and I haven't started yelling at him about it yet, so we are still in the early stages leading up to the lawn actually being mowed.  Please feel free to enjoy the view until the nagging/yelling begins and he takes care of the yard, which might be awhile".  And if anyone here wonders why I didn't just mow it myself--it is a pushmower and we live on a hill.  I tried when we first moved in and am physically incapable of pushing it uphill.  He also thinks its fine and won't spring for a riding mower--LOL.  Guess who hired a lawn service right after that conversation--YOU BET I DID.  Best $160 I ever spent. The lawn has looked great for five years running now.