Looking for specific ideas to prevent ADDer losing important stuff. Help, please!

My husband has the worst case of lose-itis I've ever run into. I'd like to know if any of you have found ways to treat this in yourselves, you spouses or your children.

My husband has to buy gas every other day (Don't get me started on his job.) and so I've been reluctant to take his debit card away from him. He does not engage in the sort of wild spending a lot of people on this site complain of in ADDers. He has lost his debit card. (No unauthorized charges, so I'm sure it wasn't stolen.) and his work-issued cell phone. He also lost his keys but I just found them this morning. He called me a little bit ago saying he was out of gas. I am 30 miles away, in another county altogether, without a car. He's been driving mine since he blew his engine. (At least he didn't lose *the car*! Ordering a new debit card will cost money plus an overdraft fee as our account is at 0. (Of course, it would be an overdraft fee if he could buy gas as well.) It would also take a week, so it would not help in the present circumstance. Our bank has no branches in the county where he works.

There have to be ways that would help him not lose such important stuff. Does anyone have any ideas? I've suggested what worked for my father but he refuses to do it. (Actually refuses, says it isn't a good idea.) But my father never lost ANYTHING!

He is taking ADD meds. There is no counseling. I don't know what else to do. If any of you have found a solution to this particular ADD problem, I'd love to hear it.