Looking to vent

Hi all,

i am simply looking to vent. I have a lot on my mind & sometimes I am overwhelmed merely thinking about it. My husband who has ADHD & I (do not have adhd) have been through hell and back it seems. Things have been better lately,he acknowledges what he does wrong, he's going to individual counseling  every 2 weeks. He also accompanies me to marital counseling every week. We seem to be communicating better, once I stopped being so angry & finally let my anger go. I guess I am just afraid of the future. My husband is active duty navy, he's been in going on 8 years, so he has managed to hold down a job. Yes he is impulsive mostly with money, but recently he set up his paychecks to be deposited into my checking account, and he will have an allowance. I was surprised he agreed, but I finally put my foot down & said if he couldn't communicate with me about money, & be responsible with it, this is the best solution. My husband used to have a bad porn problem, probably 8 or so months ago was the last time I've found any. It broke my heart & would cause a lot of fighting, he says he finally understood & I haven't seen any around since. We've also been through the lying, mostly when he wants to avoid conflict or spare my feelings. I left for a month & went home to my parents after I found out he had taken out credit in my name. That thank The Lord hasn't happened again (I have I.D theft protection now & I made him pay off what he had charged last tax return).