Looks at other women

I've been dating my 50 year old, ADD, boyfriend for over a year.  At the beginning he completely hyper focused on me with poetry, romantic evenings, compliments, etc.  It was heaven.

Well...I know now that he still loves me, even though I don't get the poems anymore or the romantic attention.

But there's one thing I struggle with.  He stares at other attractive women when we are out together.  He even used to point them out to me, like I would be interested, until I told him to stop.  I've tried talking to him, explaining how hurtful it is for me, but he just  gets defensive and tells me I'm too insecure.

I do have some insecurities but this is not just about me.  I feel it's disrespectful to be looking at other women when he should be focusing on meI've never dated anyone before, who ogled women like this.

So...is this an ADD thing?  Do ADD men find it harder to tear their eyes away from a pretty woman?   It's getting to the point that I don't want to go anywhere with him because I know it will happen.  I think of myself as a pretty confidant person most of the time, but the ogling, combined with less attention, is starting to make me feel unattractive and boring to him.