Lately, I'm beginning to see an abject "loser" mentality in my ADHD partner. As if all that life is, is a series of losses. And every mistake, failure, mishap in the past, is dictating his future. He is convinced he is doomed 60-70% of the days I've been with him. And I am so. exhausted. of his mentality. Where everything apparently sucks, is disappointing, is underwhelming and not good enough. It makes me feel like nothing, nothing at all, will make him happy, joyful, positive or hopeful. And if it does, it will last 30 seconds. And then disappear into thin air. How am I supposed to maintain any semblance of hope or positivity about our future, if he hardly has an ounce of such for his own future? It depresses me so much. And now, I expect that behind every interaction, every plan, every date, every thing, he is in a deep, insidious depression that will separate him from everyone else for the rest of his life. As you can see, his hopelessness is chipping away at my sense of hope. I'm starting to think that being in a long-term commitment right now is a highly risky choice to make. Seems like I am signing up for having a disability for the rest of my life.