Losing It Fast

Like many of you out there, I am losing patience fast.  I have been married to a person with ADD for four years now.  He was diagnosed after one year of us being in a relationship, shortly after we moved in together.  He was 34 when diagnosed, so you can imagine the damage to his own self that he has endured. 

Right now I feel like I am on a roller coaster that is now out of control.  I have absolutely no idea where to start to even gain control over my own life again.  We are in Europe right now and all I want to do is find a divorce attorney when we land in the U.S. 

We have been in marraige counselling for one year.  It has not helped.  The counselor is not trained in dealing with ADD.  Does anyone know how to go about identifying a personal counselor (for me) that specializes in ADD and marraige counselors that also have this specialty? Also, any tips to gain control over the roller coaster would help me.  Where did you start?