Losing things

Does anyone have any idea how to make an ADDer care when they lose your stuff?

My daughter gave me a GPS for Christmas because I always get lost. I mostly only go to work, school and the grocery store, so I let my husband use it. (His job requires him to travel from client to client, so he could use it.) I told him I'd want to use it if we went anywhere.

I've been asking him where it was all week. He said "I haven't looked for it yet." (!) He should know where it is! I'm afraid he's let one of his clients steal it (a lot of them are crack addicts.) or it's irretrievably lost. I'm mad and he doesn't think I should be. He keeps changing the subject. The fact that he doesn't know where such an important object THAT IS MINE is makes me feel unimportant. What in the world do I tell my daughter??