At a Loss

This is my first post, I was diagnosed with ADD as a child and was put on Ritalin around the age of 9 and had bad side effects with mood while on it.  My parents took me off of it and I went through life until I was about 28 when I talked with my doctor and got put on Adderall, I had depression issues with it and added Citalipram to deal with the depression side effect.  I met my wife about a year later and have been married for about 4 years now with two beautiful daughters.  I started having issues my wife would tell me with my temper and attitude, long story short I stopped taking the Adderall to try and curve the temper issue.  Since then my wife and I argue all the time and she is beyond frustrated with me and the fact that I forget things and never seem to finish stuff.  She also thinks I still have a temper or bad attitude. 

It's been hard because I know there are things that I do that I do not know im doing it, if has effected our marriage to what seems like the breaking point, physically things have stopped between us and all i can feel is the anger and resentment towards me.  I love my wife and my family and want to make things right and feel like im at a loss.  I have an appointment set with my Dr tomorrow to talk about different medications I could take but don't know how to restore my marriage.  The last thing I want is to go through a divorce and not see my daughters daily.  

Ive tried to to get my wife to read about ADD/ADHD and what are some of the traits but she doesn't think she needs to change and that it is all me.  I don't know what to do anymore.  I am at a loss.