Lost and in need of Help

I met the love of my life last year and he has ADHD.  I've just now had this confirmed by a family member of his, apparently he was diagnosed as a child and was medicated for years.  He no longer takes the medication for the ADHD. He has yet to discuss this issue with me except to say that he has " accomplished a lot for a special ed kid".  So this is what has brought me here to this wonderful and informative web site.  I don't know what to do with him.  I love him with all of being but I can't stand his behavior.  I've read several blogs on this site and now know that I've being handling the ADHD all wrong.  I've taken control of every aspect of our lives because I lack the faith in him to complete anything.  He gets so angry with me sometimes it borders on emotional abuse (the anger mostly steaming from the control I keep over everything), and I in turn get angry back.  I've been unfairly snippy and frustrated with everything he does and says and I know this only makes things worse.  I feel very hopeless, lost and depressed.  He has definitely noticed a change in my behavior but thinks that its entirely my issues getting in the way of our relationship.  I know that its the ADHD but how do I tell him this?  I really think we could have a strong healthy relationship if we both worked together to overcome the ADHD, there is nothing more that we both want than to be happy together.