Love is all we need; If we can just recognize it when we see it...

Most of the dysfunction in my life and in the world as I see it stems from this one quest, "The desire to be loved"....The desire for interaction, the desire for community. We are created to be relational beings.

When the serpent beguiled Eve, what really happened? Didn't the serpent cause her to question God's Love for her? Wasn't the seed of doubt he planted, about being loved? Wasn't it God is holding something "Good" back from her? So Eve turned to the one dark place she couldn't afford to go to find the answer; the place where innocence will always be destroyed...her carnal mind. The rest is history as they say. We all follow suit, and no one has to teach us either.:)

Every insecurity (destroyed innocence) I have developed over my life span, has grown, or been destroyed, based on this relational premise,"Our perception's of how we are Loved will always be connected to our emotional wellness or lack thereof."

The problem with being human and having insecurities, baggage, and faulty thinking is that we really don't always recognize healthy Love when we experience it. And our ability to give healthy love is always in question because of these same reasons.

By observation of innocence, nature, and children we can learn a lot about our own needs. If a Down Syndrome child will live longer and healthier in a environment of Love, security and social engagement...Why not us adults?

Psalms 103:14...For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust.

Blessings Friends...