Love's Sweet Song (a poem I wrote about our relationship)

I have been a musician all my life, and have written many songs, lyrics and music to different things. I do love writing music. lyrics are harder. But, I wrote this poem about our relationship.




LOVE’S SWEET SONG                                                             


A melody sweet I sang anew,

how deeply in love, I was, with you.

Love first returned, then rarely came,

you never said why, you played this game.


You wrote me into your melody sweet

composing a sonnet, my heart skipped it's beat

A passionate music, your performance divine,

A love song to me, was your song with mine.


A melody sweet, and harmonies pure,

I heard it's call and felt it's allure,

I thought it was mine,  it was my turn

to sing love's song, to feel it's yearn


It seemed so real, it felt so divine

when singing the song,  I thought was mine

but just like a beautiful mockingbird's call

the song wasn't real, a copied refrain, is all.


I learned the truth,  of who sang this song

someone else, someone new, was singing along,

she sang it to you,  a long time ago

your heart sang her tune, and never let go.


Her words were sweet, she fanned your flame,

of passion and desire, but it wasn't the same.

In your mind, a fantasy:  an immature one,

seductively quick, you cherished the fun.


You gave to her, what was rightfully mine,

kept going, kept saying, that all was fine.

You wouldn't look,  at what you had done,

nor look at me,  or what we'd become.


So now at myself, I'm so angry now,

hurt and betrayed, I wonder how....

how can I love, or trust anew

when deeply betrayed, I am, by you.


Why, oh why, did you wait so long.           

 til, every part of our song, was gone.        

Did you have a point to prove, or

 or in willing despair,  to watch me loose?


Was it needing to be justifiably right,

or in defeat, for me to give up all fight?

So, now the strength in me is no more,

Seems, nothing left to be fighting for, 


Now hearing,  you’ve begun, to answer the call,

coming out, from behind, your hardened heart’s wall.  

There had to be a purpose; this stand you made,

to see me crumble, loose heart, lose faith?


Whatever the reason, doesn’t matter now,

You’ve won your stance, to the victor, I bow,

Concede my feelings, hand you my sword,

To the man I loved; the man I adored.


With a smallness of hope, I pray you see,

The person, the woman, that was really me,

Finally seeing my heart, tattered and torn

Battered and broken, riddled with scorn.


Lovingly given, but the years were long.

No heart can live without Love's Sweet Song.

It broke my heart, tore my soul in two,

I'm not the same woman, in love with you.


I loved the man I thought you could be,

and didn't see the man, right in front of me.

I gave you my all, and gave too much,

held nothing back, too little? too much?


I wanted you to be, in love with me 

the way I was, with you...... you see. 

You wouldn't LET yourself feel that way, 

for me, for us, so you strayed away.


So, why the vow and promises made, 

in the first place? I ask: why did you stay?

You had to have known what the end would be,

in living that lie, so long, with me.


My tears, my fears and hurt is gone,

swallowed in whole by Love's Sweet Song

A song never sung, to me, by you,

your victory sure, achieved and askew.


The song is fading, I can barely hear,

it's call, it's hope, no longer clear,

But, you sang it loud, performed in detail,

designed in lies, and designed to fail.


How can you love, singing that song?

a song of lies, a song so long.....

designed in first, to make me leave,

a cowardly act, so true, to deceive.


I'm torn in two, it's sad, it's true,

Which way should I turn, should I run, from you?

How can I stay, when you say openly,

" Sorry...... but you're not "in love" with me".


I'd be a fool to stay..... don't you see

to keep on going on like this,  and destined to be,

chained to a song, sung too long to me

 Love's Sweet Song is lovely, but it's not free. 


The song stole my heart and then my soul,

it's melody sweet, but it took it's toll.

I'm no longer listening nor singing along,

for my heart died,  from Love's Sweet Song.