Low impact

Sometimes we need to say what is on our minds to be authentic and true to ourselves. Sometimes we need to hold our tongue and let things go.

It seems no matter how I am with dh, outspoken or accepting, it doesn't make a difference.  Not to how we are, how we communicate or how I feel about us.  It is like we just don't connect...like I have NO effect on him or our situation at all.   Ahhhhhh.....Pleasantville for him....I am no more than a doll-a-tron.  If I am pleasant, he will stick around in the room and have pleasure in me.  If there is something that is serious and needs to be discussed, I am ignored or manipulated (taught) to be agreeable, and left alone to take care of the mess.

I will be thinking of that dang movie, Pleasantville, now tonight.