Low testosterone ADHD and Adderall

My husband is 43, almost 44 and recently learned that he T is low. Is this part of his issue and will medication react with Adderall?

Before we were married (we have been married for 2 years), we had great sex. He made me feel so special with compliments, attention and his time. He bragged to friends and co-workers about how pretty he thought I was and how proud he was to have me as his future wife.  But, things started to change even before we were married right when I moved from my state to his to 6 months before our wedding. He had stopped all compliments. He engaged in inappropriate and sexual flirtation and would do so right in front of me and in front of his buddies (also when I was present) and kept the flirtations going on facebook both in private and public messages. He refused to set boundaries with all the women he flirted with at work and even laughed if they said disrespectful things about me. And of course the sex slowed way down. I spoke up about his behavior and the waning attention, but nothing improved. We got married and on our wedding day he never once said I looked beautiful or anything like that. But he had told me several times about how his ex-wife had taken his breath away on their wedding day and detailed her beauty, right down to how sexy her lingerie was on her perfect and tan body. But for me, not one word. And, out honeymoon night, he rushed thru sex and passed out and refused any the next day.

His behavior with other woman didn’t stop. About 3 months into this marriage, with a monster I swear I didn’t know, I asked him why he never wanted to have sex anymore. Why he always had an excuse? He told me he gets to flirt with beautiful women all day long at work and that’s enough to keep him satisfied. Well, that hurt like hell and I cried and he could care less. I spent another month trying to get his attention back. He had never once asked me for sex in 4 months. After 4 months I told him I would never ask again. And I’ve only asked 2 times from that day over a year ago. Needless to say, we don’t have sex often. While I’d be happy with every day or at least 5 days, he’s fine with once a week. Total opposites and it’s created a huge issue in our marriage. It’s not the physical act so much; it’s the intimacy that I really miss. Apparently he doesn’t miss any of it.

Now, his excuse is that it must have been the low T that made him behave the way he was and why he has no interest in sex (with me anyway). He goes to his Dr on Friday to find out about T therapy. Does anyone know if low T can make you behave like a narcissistic ass? I know it changes sex drive, so I can accept that. Also, he had a huge anger management (low tolerance to stress) in the past and has actually tried to control his explosive outburst, which has been nice. Will T therapy bring that back? How will that react with Adderall? I’ve hear Adderall can make you aggressive will the 2 create a monster?