I'm trying to understand why my husband lied to me about texting with his brother Friday, it was only three texts, but still.

I asked him Friday night in a calm manner, hey have you spoke with your brother in a while, he hasn't called the house, and of course he didn't call on my birthday (yes I should not have said that, but his sister did) and he just said nope, and I don't know why he didn't call you on your birthday. I was fuming because I knew he texted him as it was on the phone bill. He knew something was wrong when we got home from picking up dinner, and I was just going to let it go, but I couldn't. I said please help me understand why you lied to me about talking with your brother, he said I didn't talk to him, I said yes you did you texted him. Well of course that brought up why are you spying on me, I said I wasn't it showed up on the phone bill texts. Then that went into him getting angry that he can't have any privacy, and that I would want to know what the conversation was all about. I said no Phil I'm not that person anymore, that is your business, if you want to tell me fine. He then said well I needed his email address, and he doesn't have anyone to talk to about things but his brother which is true, he has no real friends. I said why didn't you feel you could ask me for your brothers email, he said because you would want to know why and why I wasn't using my own. I said well do you have something to hide, that is the only reason you would want his, and of course he didn't answer me. He also said he was supposed to have a therapy session yesterday, and supposedly his therapist ghosted him, and he said he really like sher. I'm trying to let this go, and I know that people with ADHD lie more, but it still hurts. Just trying to let go of the whole thing, since things were good before I found this out, I wish I didn't see it on the phone bill. 

Thank god I have therapy tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading this and listening. Love this group.