Is lying part of adult ADHD? Or a separate issue?

I don't know why in the world I thought that just because he lies to his customers about why he's not on time, and to his kids/family, that he would NOT lie to me... but is that part of this whole thing? Or is it something else?

I feel like I should have seen this stuff coming, that my radar is way defective, or maybe *I* am just too defective (NOT pleasant to see that he's been "fishing" for other women). Yeah, it may be a symptom of his impulsivity, but really, the stupid lies he told about it - a child could see through them. I'm pretty sure that if I'd accepted any of his lies he sure wouldn't be falling all over himself to apologize - and the situation would have continued.

I know one thing - my trust was misplaced. I'm 56; I should know better. *I* have to take care of *me* better than that.

Asked to talk to him; he said he is "too embarrassed". He keeps apologizing. I can't say "that's okay". I can't say "I forgive you". I just can't.