The Marble Game

Some of you may be experiencing "The Marble Game" with your partners.


Imagine that you and your partner each had 100 marbles at the beginning of your relationship...when you first met.  Each time, one of you "loses" an argument or is seen to be the "less knowledgeable person," that person has to give their spouse a marble.


Over time, especially early in the relationship, the mentally-unhealthy person had to "give" you lots of at a time...each time he/she was shown to be wrong, or he/she forgot something, or he/she screwed up in some way.


After a short period of time, the "healthy" spouse will have more marbles than the other person.  That imbalance can cause more stubbornness, denial of being wrong, refusing to change their ways, digging heels in....because the ADHD or mentally unhealthy person doesn't want to give away any more marbles.


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