Marijuanna increasing ADHD?

Hi Guys,

I am new to this community, and frankly pretty new with dealing with ADHD. My husband has recently been diagnosed with ADHD after being misdiagnosed (and medicated) for depression. This caused many issues however he is on medication now and was doing well.

There has been a lot of trauma and loss in his life, especially recently and it has all seem to come to a head over the last 12 months (mainly due to the loss he has experienced).

I have found that since his new medication has started, he was doing much better, however has now started using marijuana quite a bit, (which really concerns me as he had an addiction to this earlier in our relationship which he overcame) and I feel this is increasing his ADHD symptoms, more specifically motivation to go to work, memory loss and shortness of temper.

I guess I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this in their relationship and how they have overcome this.

We have really been put through the ringer the last 12 months and I am just at my wits end on how we can overcome this and actually move forward in our lives instead of screwing them up more by possibly not being able to pay our bills or him loosing his job.


Thank you :)