In a marraige with someone who can't look to the future

I am in a marriage with someone with ADHD. 

He is a kind person, good with our kids, does do chores. BUT has no ability to deal with his money. Since our children were born he has twice drained his account to zero and not told me. Not because he has spent all his money but because he does not invoice. He is beyond stuck. He is a talented and intelligent person who will not take action, get a better job make more money. I like many spouses on this forum end up nagging him constantly. We fight about things he often gets defensive, shuts down or tells me he never wanted the responsibility of marriage and parenthood anyway. He calls me angry and says I have beaten up down and that is why he can't make anything of himself. I have financially supported him when he has had no money, I have gone back to work full time while he works from and gets to be with the kids all day -- even though I wanted to be the one to spend time with them, I have put him in touch with people who could help his career many times, I encourage him I spent hours trying to help him figure out his life. I feel unloved, unappreciated and really just overwhelmed with my demanding job, and a husband who threatens to leave me constantly and just can't seem to ever think past the present. Although like I said he is good with our kids. What kind of parent can he be if he has no ability to get himself together financially? 

Totally at a loss of what to do next.