Marriage 101

You don't slap your wife's hand, you hold it.

You don't negate your wife's feelings, you validate them.

You don't YELL at your wife, you talk with her.

You don't think of ways to deceive your wife, you think of ways to happily surprise her.

You don't put up your fists to fight with your wife, you put out your arms to hug her.

You don't prepare to do battle with your wife, you stand beside her to do battle with the world.

You don't tell your wife she's doing something wrong, you chuckle with her when she makes a mistake.

You don't tell your friends what a bitch your wife is, you talk about why you married her.

You don't sit and watch your wife struggle with something heavy, you get up and help her.

You don't sigh, roll your eyes and argue when your wife asks you to do something, you just do the things that need to be done on your

You don't plan time away from your wife, you plan time with her.

You don't think of excuses to get out of "couples time" with your wife, you plan it and ask her out on a date.