Marriage, ADHD, and Sadness

I was married several weeks ago and my husband's ADHD is sending me into a terribly sad space.  I feel over burdened... like the parent in the relationship, and since I left my life behind bc we had to move to his community for work and family, I feel isolated.  He has gone to start treatment, but I can't stop being sad.  Honeymoon was awful... I might as well not have been there since he just wanted to play computer games.  He is a lovely, fun and generous man.  But financially he had kept so much quiet out of embarrassment (he kept forgetting to pay bills) that I got slammed after marriage with having to fix so much that my savings were depleted.   I know he loves me and I feel sad and guilty that I am sinking.  Bc he has a hard time with impulses (resisting them) I feel I have to always be pulling on some invisible leash or we will not be able to pay bills, or he will get lost in computer games again and not attend to his responsibilities.  I am so tired I could cry.  Yesterday I read a book about marriage to try to learn (5 love languages).  Today I threw it in the trash feeling totally hopeless after twice he shut me up bc he did not want to hear me remind him of things he needed to attend to.  He asks me to be his "secretary" and then rejects me.  Today we were supposed to have a date, but he hardly ever remembers to follow through and nothing happened.  This feels all like a huge chore and I feel alone.  I have degenerated into sitting in bed most of today just unable to get from under water.  I know he can't help it and Strattera is helping him focus at work.  I just feel exhausted.   My savings are gone and with them my sense of security.  He keeps saying everything is going to be fine.  He might as well be asking me to believe in fairies.  It looks like if I don't tackle it, it does not get taken cared off.  I have always been independent and work hard, so I am not looking to be babied.  But I feel like I got hired to a bad job, not married.  I feel totally powerless and yet I have no choice but to carry the load.  I entered a Him centered universe where ... besides my labor to keep things a float ... I might as well fade as a woman... There is nothing about me that is/feels like a newlywed.