Marriage issues lead to diagnosis, now time for healing

Hi everyone, just read the book, now joined the forum.

I'd been a stay at home dad for a few years now, thinking I was being self-sacrificing and doing the right thing, giving myself too much credit tbh - when I now realize I was just escaping the stress ADHD created in my professional life. Seeking to be my own boss, own my own organization attempts. Well it turns out a lot of that backfired and I became increasingly controlling and irritated (and scary) causing wife and family to pull back, and it finally came down all at once.

I am thankful, on one level - bc it lead to me getting help, and now an ADHD diagnosis, and starting on Strattera. But there's a lot of healing to do now as well, until my wife is ready to have me part of her daily life once again.

I'm looking forward to talking to some partners of ADHD spouses, to figure out what may help things along.

Thanks everyone!