Marriage in jeapardy

Hello. This is the first time I am posting in a forum, but I am desperate. My marriage is falling apart. I was diagnosed with ADHD about 10 years ago. I take vyvanse. This has helped greatly in a lot of Areas. My problem is I never did research on the effects of ADHD in marriage. My wife and I fight all the time and I never new why till I read a lot of these blogs. I am devastated it is my fault. I don't know if i can repair the damage with my wife. I realize now the hurt I caused her with all my quirks and forgetfulness and anger and such. I am at a loss. I feel I if I show her the articles she will just think I am just making excuses for my behaviour. What do I do? I want to save my marriage and now that I know it's mostly me, I can try and work on it. But is it to late?? 21 years of marriage she put up with me. And now it might just be too late!