Married 24 years and just realized WE cant communicate because you speak ADHD!!!!!!!!

Hey all

Just found this site.  I hope someone has some encouraging tips/ideas to help me to understand how this husband of mine communicates!!!  It took my 22 year old son with ADHD to say MOM I can't talk to you because you take too long and you lose me and I get frustrated and then yell at you.  Then he said Dad talks and I can't understand what he says at all!!  And the whole family feels that way!  We look at him like what the hell????  He is a very successful salesman so we know he can communicate!  But when he tries to talk to us/me I just dont get it.  He ends up looking like a dufus and this in return makes him upset and then he shuts down. 

Is there a trick to this?  One of number one issues is communication.  We both feel like we are talking in a foreign language!  So, woman vs. man bad enough right....woman vs. adhd man  OMG are ya kidding me!!! HEEEELLLLLPPP!! I can't imagine going another 24 yrs like this!