Maybe, after 30 years and six kids, he really doesn't love me?

More and more lies and broken promises keep cropping up.  It is clear he has ADD and has always had it. The more cover-ups and deceit and missed times lines the more I think maybe he really doesn't care about me.  

Maybe he deserves someone more capable of really likes the constant "live by the seat of your pants" existence.  Someone less traditional and more flexible. Someone that can laugh at the years she's waited to have things fixed and she roll with the punches (instead of feeling punched).  There must be someone out there that can make him happy.

I'm tired of writing notes about what needs to be done and putting 'happy stickers' on things that he's remembered.  I have been there and done that for six kids, two with ADHD.  I'm really done.  Last week when he told me the money he had promised for YEARS we would retire on was completely gone and we have no retirement at age 60...I just can't find it in me to say, "Well honey, no problem, there's a nice homeless shelter we can find downtown. After all, you know how much I need security, let's give homeless a shot!"

i know I can't garner any respect; I think he can do better than me...