Mean and hypocritical

I'm new here. My husband is ADHD. I'm so frustrated because he never sees his fault in anything. He has no legitimate friends because he feels like everyone bullies him. He refuses to consider that he contributes to the end of any relationship. Is it common for someone with ADHD to always be a victim? I feel like he never accurately assess anyone elses point of view, especially mine. I'm exhausted. He can be so mean. He's either really happy (which gives me anxiety because anything can change that on a dime) or he's really angry and depressed. He refuses to be medicated though meds have been positively effective in the past. I fantasize about leaving him all the time and the thought gives me more relief than sadness. I do love him, but I'm sad, scared, and tired. I'm constantly belittled. He's most recently decided that he hates my brother, who happens to be my best friend. Please tell me I'm not alone.