Medical Minefield

Just found this at the main page of the site...I guess this could be one more piece of the puzzle as to how/why my son has ADHD. He was in the ICU for several days as a newborn, since the labor was difficult and they thought he might be at risk. I didn't like being separated from my baby and I argued with the doctor that I wanted to take him home. They assumed I was "in denial of the baby's illness" (I saw that written in the hospital record) but then all the tests on him came back negative and I was given my wish. I was also on Pitocin to induce birth, because labor had still not begun over a week after my water broke. Pitocin has been linked with developing ADHD. But maybe it is actually the tubing in the ICU. I would guess a lot of infants delivered with Pitocin are kept in the ICU for a time. I'm actually not sure why I am posting this...just reflecting, I guess. The medical system seems like such a minefield. I guess I am a bit angry and regretful. In retrospect I wish I hadn't submitted to the Pitocin, and given him time to come into the world when he was ready. Reminding myself now of my sig line...which I am not seeing here for some reason, but it is:  "Acceptance is the doorway and the key."