Medication Abuse

Just wondering if other people have this issue.  My spouse was diagnosed with add as an adolescent and has been on stimulant medication  for many years.  However he does not take it as prescribed.  He regularly takes extra doses, sometimes to get more work done, sometimes due to feelings do depression on top of addiction to the high that comes with abusing stimulants.  To make up for this, he has to skip days. he claims to need days off from his meds in order to relax anyway   Almost every month he runs out of his meds before the refill date, sometimes 5+ days.  We have many issues, and these days are the worst for both of us.  He has amplified adhd symptoms, plus withdrawal, and this on top of other relationship issues leads to angry outbursts, fighting, crying, etc.  we are planning on starting couples therapy and I would like to be able to bring this up, but he is worried that a therapist would contact his doctor, and that his doctor would stop prescribing his meds as a result.  We both agree that this would be a disaster for both our relationship and his career.  Has anyone else dealt with this, personally, or as a family member?