Medication for me??

My husband has recently been diagnosed with ADHD and has begun medication as well as therapy. I am also in therapy to try to understand the whole situation and to get over the trauma this has caused to me and our relationship. Meanwhile I am extremely angry ALL the time, at him and at everything else around me. Now every day I seem to get angrier, sadder, and am isolating myself from life. This is out of character for me, as I typically had not been an angry, sad or lonely person in the past.

 I was wondering if medication would/should be prescribed to me to deal with this. Has anyone else experienced this? Would medication help me in the interim, or make things worse?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you


I'm sorry to hear about your situation.  Antidepressants can be helpful, but therapy really gets to the root of the problems.  I would suggest you see your own therapist who can help you unravel some of this complicated web.  I've also found that yoga and meditation have many of the same benefits.  You can download guided healing meditations for your phone or ipod very easily.

Do you need medications?

I agree with @js . If you're going to therapy, your therapist can discuss with you whether medications may help you. But finding ways to get the anger to subside naturally is best. Exercise helps me. Meditation is good for trying to be calm and focused - I find that exercise gets some of the anger to leave quickly. Running, quick walking - something to get my heart rate up. For me it takes the pressure down a few notches and allows me to think better.



Yes, yes, yes, I've

Yes, yes, yes, I've definitely experienced it! Rage, despair, and loneliness were, at one point, beginning to feel normal! But slowly now that's falling behind me. There's no fairy tale here - it's a lot of tough slogging but I'm coming out the other end with eyes wide open and with clarity I never knew before.

The best advice I've received has been along the lines of: 1) give yourself some time - be patient with yourself and your partner; 2) learn to make self-care a real part of your life (therapy, just for you as well as couples therapy, should be an integral part of that as well as exercise, good nutrition, yoga/mediation); 3) find a support system (friends who you can just enjoy life with as well as a place like this forum where you can share with others who actually do understand; etc.) Living with undiagnosed/untreated ADHD and its symptoms IS traumatic. I would be more surprised and concerned to hear about someone who has gone through it and claims not to feel angry, sad, and isolated. That would simply not make sense. You have both begun a journey towards healing and it will come, one step at a time. I think it is wise to explore all options that are available to you (including medications if your doctor feels they would be a part of that, but definitely including therapy and learning about ADHD ) but I also know that it's part of the process, from what I've experienced firsthand and from what I've read from so many others, to be feeling what you are. It's probably all of this pain that prompted the two of you to realize that there was a problem that needed addressing and now, by reading what's on this resource, you can know that there is hope! If it's out of character for you to be sad/angry/isolated, then it's probably just a natural and helpful reaction to let you know that something's gotta give and it sounds like you've probably begun on the right track already. Take good care of yourself, be patient and honest as much as you can, and hang in there!