Medication When Stimulants Fail, SPECT

Seeking advice on medication and more concrete solutions to address symptoms. In 2006 I was diagnosed with depression, in 2013 I was diagnosed with ADHD:Inattentive. Figuring out the complex blend of symptoms between depression and ADD has been frustrating, and I don't conveniently fit into either box. I need to get more pro-active in developing a comprehensive treatment plan. Currently the only thing I'm taking is fish oil, multivitamins, and a vitamin D supplement. Exercise seems to help my mood significantly, but I've fallen out of the habit in recent months.

I've been on Vyvance, Adderall, and Ritalin at normative, standard doses and felt essentially nothing. No jitters, no side effects, just nothing. It is entirely possible that the dosages were just not high enough. I'm 6'4" and all kinds of drugs really don't impact me strongly unless I take a bit more than indicated.

I was on Wellbutrin for a long time with positive impact, but now that my lifestyle habits (sleep, work, family) are more robust I honestly can't tell you what good it did. Wellbutrin had a marked impact when I had essentially no sleep schedule and really toxic habits (pre-marriage/relationship, pre-family).

Aside from therapy in the 2006-era for about a year, I have only been in talk therapy addressing ADHD in the past year and a half or so. It has been a while since my last session with my psychologist. Talk therapy is fine, but I feel like we get nothing done and don't work towards any kind of direction. By my very nature I do not set goals well, and follow through is not reliable. Remaining mindful of all of this is extremely difficult. Since my life is more or less functional and my unhappy marriage is not in any kind of crisis, it is hard to see how any amount individual therapy in the generic sense could help. Prescribing physicians have essentially just thrown pills at me, and I'm more or less out of the main categories of stimulants to try. I feel like I need to start from scratch, and am weary of indifferent trial and error.

The main thing I wanted to ask was: Have people here gone into the Amen Clinics and done SPECT? I have read Dr. Amen's book and am pretty well versed on his approach. I seem to be a combination of his Inattentive and Limbic sub-types. My psychologist follows his work with interest. I have also seen a lot of criticism of his methods from other professionals and the psychiatric community at large. Opinions?