Medications to help with DESR and emotions

My husband has recently been diagnosed with ADHD.  His doctor has started him on ritalin.  It has seems to help with his focus... but that was never really our biggest concern with this disability.  Its his emotions or lack of control over them that really hurts our family.  I know he has DESR (deficient emotional self-regulation) which from what I've read approx 50% of adults with ADHD suffer from.  He gets so upset about trivial things... fits of rage... teeth clenched.. has to punch something (wall / door etc).  Then when we need to deal with something more serious, he is so emotional its like living with a teenager girl on PMS!  It drives both of us crazy. 

I'm wondering if any of the ADHD adults out there also struggle with this part of ADHD and what medications have helped?