Medications for the Non-ADHD Spouse

Despite my dislike of using medications and financial problems and concerns about side effects, I've finally started to consider the possibility of asking my doctor about getting a prescription for an anti-anxiety medication.  My biggest fear is that the medication will work so well that I'll stop caring about my crappy marriage and will stop working to make myself and my life better.  What advice can non-ADHD spouses offer?  Thanks!

I have had to resort to

I have had to resort to continuing my anti depressants. None of the SSRIs seem to work because i think the stress of ADHD/Autism in the family was just a little too much. I did do very well on Lexapro, made me less anxious, more grounded and focussed, less irritated -BUT- I also started to lose large clumps of hair from my crown as a side effect (I believe this is rare but it happened). About to start on an atypical antidepressant, Wellbutrin, I hope this helps curb my own depressed thoughts about the marriage from being too intrusive so I can get out and live a little.

Anti-anxiety medication

I always say, "thank god for medication"! I don't like to suffer. You can acquire medication inexpensively if you make the effort. I personally like Xanax and take as needed. That way I know when I'm anxious and why and when I'm unmedicated. I think sleep is so important and if you don't sleep well everything is more difficult and Xanax helps me sleep. I don't have an addictive personality or issue so when I'm ready to do without I will just go off them with my doctor's help. I am new to this forum because my husband of 20 years has many issues-mostly undiagnosed ones. I have really suffered and struggled wondering WTF is wrong with him. I've used anti-anxiety medication for 15 years always under supervision. Now that I've decided I need to move on in my life I look back and realized it helped me through and would probably be in a worse place without.