Message to Melissa Orlov

Dear Mrs Orlov.

I am the husband (although forced into a separation now) of a lady who has recently been diagnosed through up to date, scientific tests.   However she has invalidated these results soon afterwards and that upset me greatly.   She now wants to be retested through her own Psychologist.   All the information I've come across this far on severe ADD (in writen and video format) show that if there is only "patient / Psychologist" intereaction, there is no one else there to really monitor what is said or isn't said to the Psychiatrist.   My question to you is as follows:

If a diagnosed ADD patient (severe ADD) can invalidate the diagnosis, how far will they go to invalidate other results just so they can "properly" lay all the blame on their partner ?

I am left out in the cold now, frustrated as ever about being unheard, in a uncompromising situation where I am made to feel like a bad person.   Is there any hope for people like me who desire so much to be a part of my wife's life as a husband, and shoulder to lean on.   I am stressed to the limit but try not to show it.   My doctor put me on indefinite medical leave and I don't like it.   I just need to hear some positive advice for once.   How many patients have you seen invalidate their ADD diagnosis to what end will they go to invalidate other "tests" for this relationship killer ?   If they do this to themselves and to their partner, what else are they capable of doing ?   Remember, I am now told that for a period of one year we are to live as room mates.   I am taking couselling and it helps me.   But I really want to know what drives a person to invalidate ADD results.  Is it because of "their need to be right at all costs?"   If so, where does that leave me?

I look forward to your new book.

Thank you.