Methylphenidate (Ritalin) is great

I haven't posted on here for a few months, since before hubby got his prescription for methylphenidate.  He's on a time-release form and takes it once in the morning.

There has been a significant difference in his behavior-- not like night and day-- but significant.   It is easier to get his attention when I want to speak to him, he is more apt to listen, and he gets more done.  Our son notices it too.  He is happy that his dad actually hears and pays attention better.

One morning I was getting frustrated with dh and I snapped at him, "Did you take your meds today??"  He said "No".  I wasn't actually expecting that answer.  So it IS the meds working.

One thing that has driven me  nuts over the years is his disorganization and packrat behavior-- He tries to organize and purge his junk but mostly ends up just moving it around.  But-- in the last few weeks he's thrown out more crap than he has in the last few years of trying.  I think the meds help him to focus and prioritize on what he needs and what he doesn't.   He also says he gets a lot more done at work. 

I think he is still less focused than the average person but it is now at the point where we can deal with it.  

The biggest problem now is trying to unravel automatic pattern behaviors that have been created over the years of dealing with the ADD.  We may get counseling at some point but we're pretty conscious people so we are often able to catch ourselves when we fall into useless patterns.

To conclude, Ritalin is worth trying.