I just need to vent for a second . . . I am so tired of hubby referring to every conversation he can't recall or remembers incorrectly as a "miscommunication." It makes me feel like he's saying there was something wrong with the way I communicated something, and most of the time there isn't. We'll have a conversation, make a plan, whatever an be on the same page. We're even in the habit now of having him say an outline of the plan or conversation to help cement it for him. Then later he doesn't remember, or doesn't remember correctly, and first he's snippy, then after I remind him word for word what we said and it triggers a memory for him, he says he's sorry there was a "miscommunication."


I don't mean to look a gift apology in the mouth, but it seems like he's dodging accountability. Doesn't "miscommunication" imply there was something wrong with the way it was communicated, not the way it was recalled? It also places part of the blame on me, when I've been doing everything I can to make sure there isn't any "miscommunication." Everything was communicated just fine. I guess I'm just frustrated.


I've stopped saying anything about it because even if his apology seems insincere in it wording I know he does realize it was his recall, and feels guilty and embarassed about it. I don't want to nit pick or start a fight but there are times when I hear the word "miscommunication" and I just feel like I want to scream. I figured some of you might understand.