Misophonia - Hatred of Sound - Wifeafraid

Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome.

Wifeafraid, I am so sorry you are going through all these things you listed on your first post. I am starting a new thread after realizing these comments would have hijacked your thread in a different direction.  I hope you find a road to wellness soon and that you doctor is a good one that can help sort things out that is going on with you.  

I just have one comment that I can speak of that may help a few people here...  Those of us who are, by nature,...easily irrtatated.  There is a things called MISOPHONIA.  I have had this since I was a pre-teen but the idea that it is a syndome of so many people in the world has just come to light in the past 5 years.  It is defined as "hatred of repeating sound".  Like when someone is smacking loudly, cracking gum and you are stuck with them in a small room, pencil tapping, clocks loudly ticking....many more but you get the drift.  People have this in all sorts of levels.  I have it, Kelly Rippa has it.  I can live with it because I have the freedom most often to remove myself from the situation.  But it IS literally a HATRED of sound.  Odd isn't it?  At least you can Google this word now and know that about 15% of the population in the world has it to some degrees.  I have a friend who cannot bear to be around someone who has anything wood in their mouth.  toothpick, popccicle stick.