Miss Behaven and Normal Mom One and the Same

For those of you who have been concerned about the tone of voice used by "Miss Behaven" lately, you may remember an episode some time ago when we uncovered a person at the website who was posting fraudulently here - claiming things about herself that weren't true, posing as two different people who would then get into arguments with each other that would upset many people in the forum, etc.  One of the "names" for that person was "Normal Mom" and she is back - this time in the "role" of Miss Behaven and, also, CrazyDave (a new character who hasn't had much time to post yet).  We have airtight proof that Miss Behaven is Normal Mom.

I am sorry that this person feels the need to come here and stir things up every once in a while, but she seems to.  We actually know who she is but don't see a reason to pursue her.  Her behavior is disturbing.  We will try to ferret her out earlier next time she returns if we can.  Anyway, know that the conversations about "retards" and non-ADHD partners being snobs and the other offensive things she said were (I guess) intended to stir up trouble - or perhaps get back at us for banning her the first time.