Mood Swings.

Mood Swings - Symptoms - Better Medicine ,This is a serious thing,I posted the site for other's to see how this could affect our marriages,it is affecting mines,this is a nest one,Mood Swings - Symptoms, Causes, Treatments - Better Medicine,

I am very very concern about this,it has it's own pain along side ADHD, and I am getting very nervous with his "mood swings"disorder,it is making me very uncomfortable,they stated that mood swings could/will ruin relationships and that the chemicals in the brain have a lot to do with everyone mood swings.And other major causes like bipolar disorder,which is sometimes co-existing with ADHD and ODD,any types of disorder that is of the mental state.

Last night,I washed,cleaned,folded and packed away his clothes,but,no thank you.I was being overly nice,telling him I love him,telling him nice nice things,he was great for two weeks then suddenly,"mood swings"I could not have figured out what was the causes of his constant "mood swings"and then I read it up on line and the above COPY could give anyone some insight if they suffer the same symptom ,or dealing with a spouse who does.

We all have "mood swings" from time to time even me,but when it continues to persist constantly then there is a major problem and there are medications for this.

Today I found out his "mood swing"cause when I told him I loved him and he did not reply back the same,he has been bitter since last night and the weekend ahead is always my biggest worries since that's my work days off.I need to be stress free and these "mood swings" are killing me.Dead/finish.Well he did a job for a man and the job went wrong so that is where his mood swings are coming from,either that or he is just having these mood swings for no apparent reason.