More has come out.....

So I know I posted about the weird changes my husband made a couple of months ago, where suddenly he started following through on his promises for projects on the house and started working out on the elliptical etc.  and he started treating me better and telling me he loved me and calling me on his lunch break etc....  I think I understand some of what was going on.


before those changes he had been sitting outside, chain smoking and watching world of Warcraft videos all day.  Basically he was ignoring me and sinking back into his hole.  That's when I took back my own mojo, refocusing my enery onto myself.  I figured if he wanted to waste his life on shit that was going to isolate him and keep him from ever accomplishing anything that was his choice, and there was no reason to waste a single bit of myself on someone who just didn't care..  So I started taking care of myself for the first time in many years.  It made a huge difference for me.  I think he must have seen some of that.


so yesterday, he asked me if I wanted to watch the world of Warcraft movie with him, and I was like absolutely not.  I told him I KNEW about how he became obsessed again etc and that I would have no part of it.  He was very polite and said he totally understood.  He also said he agreed.... I was shocked.  He said he knew he had a problem and he had started participating in a support forum for wow addiction....  I was utterly speechless.  He told me that he realized he had a problem, and that he started reading up on wow addiction and games etc.  he even had downloaded the app that put him right into the forum on his phone.  So every time he felt the urges start to overwhelm him he went into the forum to read and get support.  He has been doing this for the past few months, and it lines up to when he made those really positive changes.  I wish that you guys could of seen his face.  He seemed really happy about this.  


This is so amazing.... This is a man who denied the existence of gaming addiction never mind that HE would be addicted!  He is truly taking charge of his life.  I know it's a small step, but it's an incredibly mature and adult thing to do.  I am extremely proud of him.  I hope he finds it in himself to continue this climb.  I can't help him to it, it's all in his court.  But I think that he may have hit a place that he wants to make changes for himself.  Even this small step has shown some really amazing improvement.  


I am am just really proud of him, and really honored that he shared it with me.  I really really hope this is the start of him believing in himself.  


Oh, oh, he also fixed my ringer on his phone.  He told that he wasn't sure how, but all his ring tones had been set to mine.  He said he picked it specifically because it's called Stargazer because I love astronomy.  I didn't prompt him to do this.... It's like he just noticed it.  I fixed his back to his custom tones too. I know it's a little thing, but devil is in the details right? It's the little gestures that show love and kindness.