mother of 3 adhd and husband adhd suggestions please

hi im new to this site but ive been reading articles for a few weeks and got some interesting info let me tell u about my situation.i am a wife of a lovely inspiring husband of 16yrs and ive been with him for 26yrs he has been diagnosed with adhd and he is medicated since 1 1/2 yrs ago and he suffers from anxiety we have got three bueitiful children my eldest daughter is 13yrs old has had adhd since 4yrs old and suffers anxiety/depression and now coping with teenhood she is medicated since 7 she has been a great kid upto now she is very demanding and hard to handle and my son is 11yrs old and he has got adhd and has had it sincebirth  he has been medicated since then and my youngest and most challenging daughter is 9 and has had adhd and odd since birth and is medicated for adhd since 2.

as u can see a very busy household there has been  long road since my life with adhd has got larger and i have been their for all of them through every and still am.The children need constant attention and complain one of the other siblings get more and i love them more.they dont let me have my lone time with my husband who works a full time job and is struggling with life as adhd people do but he has done amaverlous job of changing his way.i have focused my time on all thier issues and have forgot about myself ive done so much research and got counsling help about them all.But now i am extremely depressed and have suffered from anxiety since child ive had a hard childhood so i dont have contact with my family so of cause no surport there im tring very had to ocus om my needs and health from suggestions of my therapist and dr but of course the children wont allow me to thier always first and as im struggling now they seem to be playing up more.They give no sign of caring about me and helping.But i will get better and start focusing on my wonderful family of joy and always new challenges.All ive ever wanted was for my husband and children tobe happy and relize their special individuals and i want them to know ill never give up and i dont mean to get to this low point in my life.My husband works full time and is dealing with me the best way he can but i feel he does not care or love me just as the children i know they do but i feel alone in this dark time of my life but i will spring back and they can be proud of me and i can help our family again any suggestions welcome thankyou for letting me dribble on but it helped to let it out