Mother’s Day with spouse with ADHD

I understand that my husband with ADHD is not good with planning activities or gifts for holidays. He knows that I enjoy celebrating holidays. With Mother's Day one week away, I already bought myself a gift and made restaurant reservations but my friend invited our family to a Mother's Day brunch at her vacation home about 1 1/2 hour drive away. Our kids really enjoy her place so I asked if we could go. He said that he didn't feel like going since he has been out of town for work for part of the last two weeks (and he does not have any upcoming work trips). I work part time and I am the primary caregiver as well as the primary breadwinner. He said that I could go to the Mother's Day brunch alone or take the kids with me but he didn't want to go. FOR MOTHER'S DAY, he suggested that I spend the day alone at a brunch with other families celebrating or that I take care of the kids by myself all day. I'm really upset that even when I plan our holiday, he does not want to participate (he does like my friend and her family BTW). Any suggestions on how to approach him or help with my acceptance and understanding? I do many activities with the kids without him but for this one special day, I want to do something as a family.  I know that he won't change his mind but I'm hurt and disappointed that he can't do something to celebrate me.