Moving On

No need for any dramatic story -- there isn't one.  Just accumulated small, undramatic things to the tipping point.  So tired.

But I do want to express gratitude to many of you who have helped me with my questions, listened to my supposed "wisdom" with an open mind, and pointed out things I've ignored about my own attitudes and actions.  This forum has been a necessary part of my journey.  Best wishes.

Hi Gardener...

I'm sorry things have built up to your tipping point. I really appreciate your comments from the Non-ADD side and I hope you get to a happy place. 

((Hugs To You))

As I realize leaving will be my only eventual option.

Sometimes the truth hurts, no matter how hard you've tried.

I understand.

I understand how accumulated small, undramatic things can push you to your tipping point.  They can destroy a relationship as much as the big dramatic things.  Take care of yourself.  You deserve it.    

best of luck to you.  I

best of luck to you.  I feel right at this moment, as my H and my 13 yr old son are screaming at each other, that it will never change.  I feel like i am on the verge of my breaking point, just not sure when to say enough is enough.  Hope you the best.