Moving over here

Well my original post said I was trying. Since I'm not. I thought I'd move over here since I'm birthing a new me. I need to talk to him, I'll need help. He is going over the top. This a.m. He pointed out that he's rock and rolling, chores done etc. He even IRONED my son's band pant's..he was afraid to do the jacket so he left a note by the coffee pot to ask me to finish that. A NOTE !! He kept asking me what was wrong, why I was so peevish.

I found out he had been looking for a gift for me for Christmas.(he thought he deleted the history on my computer) This on the heels of our family discussion about how tight our finances were and that there would be no gifts. I have set aside something for my son and he already opened his PSP gift from my daughter.(That was a slap in our faces btw..but I digress)

The gift he was looking at, an adult swing. I'll stop there. at this juncture if you see me carrying a shovel and dragging a huge trash bag behind me. Don't ask Don't tell. My friends would be with me saying the hole's not deep enough. They are sick of it all too.

I can see it now..PA "because he ironed your son's pants, did all his chores, and bought you a woohoo adult toy"... oh yeah they couldn't pad the cell thick enough.

Help me make him understand PLEASE