Multiple hidden affairs and ADHD?

DH is the ADHD spouse..

It was never that big of an issue-the forgetfulness, the funny quirks...

Truly, it is the disconnect. The dropped communications, lack of follow through on commitments, never seeing the trees, maybe just the forest... never fully manifesting feelings and thoughts of love and consideration.

Then he piled several affairs on top of it all. Only found out about the latest in July and a week later the rest were confessed, I suspected the most recent and confronted him often towards the end. He was diagnosed with ADHD in September. I don't know how much of the ADHD explains the affairs. He says he was just wanting to feel better about how awful he felt about himself. I just don't know why he had to choose THAT activity. He says he never felt good enough to be with me, like he was an imposter, didn't deserve me.

DH recently diagnosed after I discovered his 10 month emotional and physical affair.  Probable RSD as well...

About a week later he confessed to 6 other physical affairs some that lasted a week, others over months, only physical except for this last one. He wanted to feel good about himself because he has felt so bad. I had no idea his self-esteem was so low. I had always thought so highly of him.He never feels he does anything right even if I knock myself out giving positive feedback. I had no idea.  He hid his hurt so well. Never shared it with me so I could help ease the burden. Instead he looked for those dopamine hits somewhere else, but as he says, they never lasted. The constant lying to save face or deflect... so much lying.

Keeping it together for the kids, and he is in therapy as I wait for him to stabilize a little more so I can join in for couples therapy. Keeping busy with holidays upon us and just trying to take more than 1 step up and 3 steps back. I see his struggle daily. I am hurt and angry but trying to be loving and supportive while maintaining more autonomy. Keeping things even keeled for the kids.

If he was not in therapy and trying medication I would not be here.

Is this a thing? Multiple affairs and ADHD/RSD... trying to get dopamine highs? I keep researching for answers and I am not finding anything linking the two. I wonder if there is some other comorbidity...