My ADD is both smothering and pushing her away

My girlfriend and I have been together now for about a year. When we first started dating, like all relationships, the coo coo stayed in the clock. It wasn't long before my jealous nature got the best of me and compounded by my ADD I began to slip. Get jealous about this minuscule event, blow up, apologize, hold it back for a bit, smother with love and repeat. All the while with her never having done anything wrong. These ups and downs have forced her to pull away, and me to grip and yearn for her. Clearly my self contious was bored and looking for trouble. Active minds need stimulus and without me noticing, this is how my mind was working against me. she has put up with enough and her patience has warm thin to a breaking point in afraid. She means the world to me, I'd do anything to control this.. I need some help, pointers, tips or tricks something to fix this. I'm afraid our relationship cannot handle much more