My ADHD boyfriend broke me up 3 times

We dated for one and half year. My boyfriend (actually ex-boyfriend now) told me he had ADHD in the first a couple of months we started dating. He is sweet, respectful and thoughtful most of time. He has a good job and works hard. But the same as other ADDers, he is not very patient and easy to get irritated. He is forgetful and has a lot of sporadic thoughts. Though I got frustrated with this relationship sometimes, I try not to take his acts personally, and try to communicate. I would say I enjoyed most of time with him.

However, he recently broke me up. He said he didn't feel the relationship would work, and refused to communicate with me. It was heartbreaking. And it was the third time! In the previous times, he did similar things: he couldn't really give a reason, didn't listen to me and just felt the relationship didn't work. He broke me up right away and couldn't wait to tell all the friends around we were done. But after a couple of weeks, he regretted, and apologized and hoped we could rebuild the trust. I still loved him, and I didn't feel there were big problems between us. So I went back to him. But the recent breakup was the third time! Now two weeks passed. He starts to text me and tries to find excuses to see me again. I'm afraid he would want me back soon. What should I do? I still love him, and enjoyed most of time with him. I'm okay with most of his ADD symptoms. I could tell he cares about me. But sometimes he doesn't know his own thingking and changes his mind fast. I'm afraid if I go back with him, he'll one day dump me again.