My ADHD boyfriend ghosted me twice

Hey everyone 

im new here and love reading the other posts. I'm not married to this guy but I've been in a relationship with him and I've been hurt badly.

He told me he's got adhd straight away and I could tell as he was so impulsive but I loved how fun and crazy he was. When we got together it's like it was meant to be, he was so in to me! It was a long distance relationship but we'd met through a friend and chatted loads before we got together. He works away and we FaceTimed 3/4 times a day, we had the most incredible long weekend away together and he was so in to me. He even said he can't believe how on to me he is so quickly, he really cared about me, would be there for me whenever I needed him to be, he was looking in to booking a holiday for us and he made me his world. I fell for him very quickly and he said he's fallen for me too. I was so happy I thought I'd found my soulmate, we just clicked straight away. 

4 months in (I know it's not long but it was intense and amazing) we had a few days away planned and he just didn't show up. He didn't answer my calls or anything. A few days later he got in contact and didn't even seem sorry he said he's on s bad place, he thinks he might have bipolar and id going to go to the doctors. 
He pulled back massively he didn't seem interested in me anymore but I was always there for him. I wanted to fight for him so kept on texting him telling him I was there for him.

He then started FaceTiming me again and didn't mention bipolar but started talking about his extreme adhd and saying he's never wanted to go on medication but hr knows it's now time to. He's got a doctors appointment in two days. 
He FaceTimed me last Monday and seemed himself again, he said he was in a much better place (this was a month of on/off speaking to me but me constantly messaging him asking if he's ok) He was asking how I was and said he wants to see me again, said he didn't want me to trade him in. I said I'm here for you always no matter what. 
Thr following day he ignored me, I saw him online and he wasn't responding to me, I admit I went a bit crazy and kept texting him saying please FaceTime me let me know you're ok, you're not ignoring me again are you? Etc

He FaceTimed me thst evening saying he's just been busy, I said I was worried about him abd he told me to stop worrying he's fine. Since last Tuesday I've text him twice and he's not responded, he's ghosted me for s second time. The first time he did it he made a joke out of ot saying he's been googling why he ghosted me and he sent me a link on hyper focus on a relationship. It said they lose interest after hyper focus so I asked him if he'd lost interest and he said he hasn't. He said he's been crying a lot trying to make sense of it all and he's going to a seminar on adhd at the weekend. I really want to be there for him, I care about him so much but I said I'm my last text I will never turn my back on him but I will leave him alone. Now I feel i can't reach out to him anymore and I feel like now I've lost him for good. I'm so hurt as I miss him and I just don't know wgst to do. He's put me through a lot this last month and I'm still desperate for him to call me as I want to be there for him still. 
Just after any advice on how to be there for him when he's ghosting me and now I've stopped reaching out do you think he'll come back or will he just be on to the next woman to hyper focus? 

Thank you :)