My ADHD husband says he can't be in this relationship anymore!

Ok I am new here, but certainly wish I had found .  Good grief, I had no idea how much ADHD was effecting and controlling our relationship and to find out I wasn't going crazy. That whole filling in the blanks stuff...holy cow, welcome to my world.  We have been married for five years, together for ten.  I have two children and he has none.  Misunderstood pretty much covers every fight we've had...we each misinterpret what the other is saying and then there's no going back.  And of course I am very easy going, don't hold much of a grudge, am not big on strick rigid rules....and he is not.  So now I am the one begging him to give it another try now that I have been enlightened.  What are the chances or him coming around and putting his hurt behind him and moving in a new direction?  He says when his love and respect is gone, its gone and he's not sure if it can be regained. HELP!