My ADHD husband says he will sue me if...

My husband who was diagnosed but is in denial is threatening me that he will sue me if I tell people in his job field that he has ADHD, for harming his reputation after we get divorced. Basically i cannot even vent to anyone that i know about why we ended up with divorce, when i am suffering to death with the harm from his illness? I really feel like dying. 

He is feeling ashamed,

For the ADHD itself,it would be normal for them to feel "ashamed" for having ADHD alone by it self,they have been labeled all their life as something"bad"that the thought of having ADHD is the mare fact for the disorder, but they still feel labeled,"until" he realizes the benefits in finding a name for his disorder,which his focused is probably and very likely not there all the time, even though he is taking meds,as far as I have been reading and doing researches,the meds work tremendously for some,and for others not much,or none all at once,the key here is to get him back to doctor to try maybe a different meds that might work for him.

I wish you the best of luck and I know how you feel,you are not alone.